You are to do to Ai and her king as you did to Jericho and her king, except its spoil and its livestock you may take as plunder for yourselves. Set for yourself an ambush behind the city.” Bible see other translations

“take as plunder.” Although the English phrase is translated as a verb and noun for clarity, the Hebrew is just a plural verb that means to take as plunder. Unlike at Jericho when the livestock and supplies were destroyed, in the case of Ai and most other cities the Israelites could take them for themselves.

“Set for yourself.” The verb and noun are singular. Thus, Yahweh is either speaking directly to Joshua (which is likely from the context) or Yahweh is speaking of Israel as a singular body (which is not as likely in the context but often was the way God considered Israel as a singular body of people).

Commentary for: Joshua 8:2