Then Yahweh said to Joshua, “Stretch out the javelin that is in your hand toward Ai, for I will give it into your hand.” So Joshua stretched out the javelin that was in his hand toward the city, Bible see other translations

“Stretch out...so Joshua stretched out.” Here again in Joshua 8:18 we see the emphasis on Joshua’s quick and exact obedience to God, which has been a theme in Joshua (see commentary on Josh. 4:16).

“javelin.” The exact weapon the Hebrew word refers to is debated. It is traditionally a spear, but it could also be a short, curved sword. That seems to be the use in the Qumran material and short curved swords have been found by archaeologists from Joshua’s time, but there is also a long time between the time of Joshua and the Qumran writing, so the word is debated.

Commentary for: Joshua 8:18