And he said to the people, “Go forward and march around the city and let the front troops go forward ahead of the ark of Yahweh.” Bible see other translations

“Go forward...go forward.” This is the same Hebrew word (used twice in Joshua 6:7) that is translated “cross over” in the phrase, “cross over the Jordan.” From God’s perspective, no territory in the Promised Land had been conquered yet, so the process of crossing over into the Promised Land was still going on. The army was to “cross over and march around” Jericho, and the front troops were to “cross over” ahead of the ark. The army was to “cross over” and begin the actual conquest of the land.

“the people.” In this context, the Hebrew text, “the people,” means the army that is marching around Jericho (cp. Josh. 6:3, 10).

Commentary for: Joshua 6:7