And they burned the city with fire, and all that was in it. Only they put the silver and the gold and the articles of bronze and of iron into the treasury of the house of Yahweh. Bible see other translations

“they burned the city with fire.” There is a huge burn layer at Jericho, sometimes up to a meter or so thick. Also, there is good evidence that some of the grain jars were burned with the grain in them, which would certainly not be a normal practice—the conquerers would eat the grain in the city. But in this case, God commanded that everything in the city was His, it would be devoted to destruction, and so even valuable grain would be burned. Joshua burned only three cities in the conquest of Canaan; Ai, Jericho, and Hazor (Josh. 6:24; 8:28; 11:11).

“the silver and the gold...and...and.” The figure polysyndeton, which places an “and” before every article, emphasizes the fact that God got all the spoils of war. This was the firstfruits of the Promised Land, and God got all the spoils of this war.

[See figure of speech “syndeton.”]

“the treasury.” The Bible is not clear where this “treasury” was: inside the Tabernacle (it does not seem there would have been enough room) or some kind of special tent in the courtyard.

“the house of Yahweh.” At this time in history, the “house” of Yahweh was the Tent of Meeting (the Tabernacle).

Commentary for: Joshua 6:24