But if you turn away, yes, turn away from Yahweh, and hold fast to the remnant of these nations, these who remain among you, and make marriages with them and mix with them, and they with you, Bible see other translations

“turn away, yes, turn away.” The Hebrew uses the figure of speech polyptoton for emphasis (see commentary on Gen. 2:16).

“hold fast.” In Joshua 22:5 and 23:8, Israel was instructed to “hold fast” to Yahweh.

“make marriages.” The verb is accurately translated, and does not mean simply “marry.” In the biblical culture, the father (usually with the advice of the mother and other female family members) arranged for the marriage of his daughters, so he “made marriages” with others. Marriages were usually treated quite seriously because they often involved forming family alliances, and that would be the case here; a marriage alliance between Israel and the pagans near them.

“mix with.” Literally, “come into them” (see commentary on Josh. 23:7).

Commentary for: Joshua 23:12