And today you are turning away from following after Yahweh? It will be, if you are rebelling against Yahweh today, that tomorrow he will be angry with the whole congregation of Israel. Bible see other translations

“he will be angry with the whole congregation of Israel.” People do not realize that when a people group, clan, or nation relies on God for help or says they will follow God, that God holds them to that commitment. Satan wants everyone to forget that people are connected together with God in communities and that if people in the community sin, the whole community can suffer the consequences of that sin. Not paying attention to the fact that a whole community can suffer if a segment of that community sins allows Satan to spread an “each person for themselves” mentality, and also a “You should not care what I do by myself” mentality. But that mentality denies the way that God has created the earth and its inhabitants and can lead to immense suffering. Wise leaders know the problems that sin in the community can cause and work to keep it in check.

Commentary for: Joshua 22:18