The border turned westward to Aznoth-tabor and went out from there to Hukkok. It reached as far as Zebulun on the south and reached as far as Asher on the west, and to Judah at the Jordan toward the sunrise. Bible see other translations

“The border turned westward to Aznoth-tabor.” It seems clear that Joshua is doing what he has done for other tribal measurements: picking a city as a starting place and going out from there. The city is likely Heleph (Josh. 19:33), and from there he went east to the Jordan, and now he is describing the border in a westerly direction. It seems clear that since the first city is Aznoth-tabor (the “ears of Tabor”), that Heleph is near Mount Tabor, likely slightly east of Mount Tabor because he went west to Aznoth-tabor.

“as far as Zebulun.” That is, as far as the tribal territory of Zebulun.

“and to Judah at the Jordan.” This is not the tribal area of Judah, but a town called “Judah” on the Upper Jordan (north of the Sea of Galilee). The location is unknown.

Commentary for: Joshua 19:34