It turned toward the sunrise to Beth-dagon and reached to Zebulun, and the valley of Iphtah-el north to Beth-emek and Neiel. It went out, passing Cabul on the left. Bible see other translations

“It turned toward the sunrise to Beth-dagon.” Joshua gets his reference point from Helkat (Josh. 19:25-26. See commentary on Josh. 19:25).

“the valley of Iphtah-el.” In Joshua 19:14, “the valley of Iphtah-el” is the north border of Zebulun, and here it is the south border of Asher.

“on the left.” Some versions have “north,” and “the left hand” is usually north, but in this case, it seems clear that the border of Asher went north with Cabul on the left.

Commentary for: Joshua 19:27