and the border turned westward from Baalah to Mount Seir and crossed over to the north shoulder of Mount Jearim (which is Chesalon) and went down to Beth-shemesh and passed along by Timnah; Bible see other translations

“crossed over.” There is a deep valley there that needs to be crossed.

“Chesalon.” Chesalon is a city on the top of Mount Jearim.

“went down to Beth-shemesh.” This is geographically accurate. Beth-shemesh is downhill about 1,000 feet, and to the west, toward the Mediterranean Sea, from Chesalon.

“and passed along by Timnah.” These border descriptions really help modern Bible geographers find the ancient sites. The modern Tel Batash has been determined to be the ancient city of Timnah, and this lines up well with this description of it being west of Beth-shemesh.

Commentary for: Joshua 15:10