Those who pay regard to worthless idols
forsake their own mercy. Bible other translations

“Those who pay regard to worthless idols.” This powerful and pointed verse speaks the truth! Only Yahweh God has the power to save and genuinely give mercy. People who rely on other gods or other things that promise life and deliverance will sadly find out too late that they have believed a lie. Salvation and wholeness comes only from the true God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. The phrase “worthless idols” is used in Psalm 31:6. Some versions read “worthless” while others read “lying.” The confusion is due to the fact that the Hebrew word has both meanings. The derogatory word translated “idols” is more literally, “nothings,” “vanities,” “empties,” and in this context it refers to idols. The Word Biblical Commentary by Stuart (Vol. 31, Hosea-Jonah) translates the phrase “empty nothings.”

Commentary for: Jonah 2:8