The waters surrounded me to the point of death.
The deep was around me.
The weeds were wrapped around my head. Bible other translations

“the point of death.” The Hebrew text reads, “to the nephesh.” But the Hebrew word nephesh (#05315 נֶפֶשׁ) has many meanings. It can mean “life” as it may mean here, “to the life,” or, “to the soul,” that is, to the point of death (cp. ASV; CJB, ESV, KJV; NASB; NIV). Or, as many versions reflect, it can have a physiological meaning and thus mean “neck,” such that the water was up to Jonah’s neck (cp. CSB; NAB; NET; NJB). Frankly, it is hard to decide what the text meant here, and the use of nephesh may have been purposely used to picture Jonah’s peril in different ways by using one word, in a sort of amphibologia (double entendre).

Commentary for: Jonah 2:5