He said,
“Out of the midst of my distress I called to Yahweh, and he answered me.
Out of the belly of Sheol I cried out.
You heard my voice. Bible other translations

“Out of the midst of my distress.” Jonah had fled from Yahweh, but now his trouble brings him back to his roots and his reliance on Yahweh, and he calls out to Him. Often it takes trouble and distress to bring us to our knees and recognize our need for God. Thankfully, at those times Yahweh does not spurn us, saying, “I told you so,” but from His heart of mercy and grace He helps us.

“the belly of Sheol.” Sheol is the state of death. Jonah was saying he was as good as dead, which he was about to be; he died in the fish’s belly.

Commentary for: Jonah 2:2