After my skin is destroyed,
then in my flesh I will see God, Bible see other translations

“in my flesh I will see God.” Job knew that he would be resurrected from the dead and granted everlasting life, which was promised to Old Testament people who lived righteous lives. The Old Testament has a number of verses about God raising the dead in the future (cp. Deut. 32:39; Job. 19:25-27; Ps. 71:20; Isa. 26:19; 66:14; Ezek. 37:12-14; Dan. 12:2, 13; and Hos. 13:14). Job has said in a number of places that he, and everyone else, will die and be dead (cp. Job 3:11-13; 7:7-10; 14:12; 19:25-26; 30:23).

Commentary for: Job 19:26