Do you listen in on the secret council of God?
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“Do you listen in on the secret council of God?” The “secret council” is translated from the Hebrew word sōd (#05475 סוֹד), and it refers to a “council, secret council, intimate council, circle of familiar friends, assembly.” In this context, it refers specifically to God’s intimate inner divine council in contrast to large general assemblies of spirit beings such as we see in Job 1:6 and 1 Kings 22:19.

Job’s “friend” Eliphaz did not believe Job was innocent; he thought Job was hiding a secret sin, and yet Job was speaking as if he had wisdom and knew he was innocent. So Eliphaz asked Job if he sat in on the divine council meetings God had with his intimate council. Jeremiah 23:16-22, especially verses 16 and 18, speak of the prophets who have knowledge from these divine council meetings in contrast with false prophets who speak from their own minds (Jer. 23:16). Clearly Eliphaz believed there was a divine council of God where the truth was spoken, and he sarcastically asked Job if he had listened in on those council meetings.

[For more on God’s divine council, see commentary on Genesis 1:26. For more on God’s holding general assemblies for all His spirit beings, see commentary on Job 1:6.]

Commentary for: Job 15:8