Cut off your hair and throw it away, and take up a lamentation on the bare heights, for Yahweh has rejected and forsaken the generation that has aroused his wrath.’ Bible see other translations

“Cut off your hair.” A sign of mourning and sorrow.

“the generation.” The Hebrew text leaves the door open for this statement to be a general principle and not just a singular statement for that one generation. When a generation abandons God, then He cannot be with them, so in effect, He rejects and forsakes them. The Hebrew text just leaves “generation” as the object of the verb and does not say “this generation.”

“that has aroused his wrath.” The Hebrew text reads, “of his wrath,” but this a genitive of production, i.e., the generation that has produced his wrath (cp. NET; NJB; NLT; NRSV). Some versions use the word “provoke” here, but that does not carry the correct implication. The people did not set out to make God angry, but what they did made God angry (cp. Deut. 4:25).

Commentary for: Jeremiah 7:29