For every head is shaved bald and every beard cut off; on all the hands are slashes, and around the waist—sackcloth! Bible see other translations

“every head is shaved bald.” Jeremiah 48:37 portrays tremendous mourning in Moab, a nation just east of the Dead Sea, and has four ways of mourning for the dead; Isaiah 15:2 is also about Moab mourning, and has two of these four. One is shaving the head (see commentary on Jeremiah 47:5). Another is for a man to cut off his beard (cp. Jer. 41:5). Another is to cut oneself—self-mutilation (see commentaries on Jeremiah 41:5 and 1 Kings 18:28). The last is to put on sackcloth, a very coarse and uncomfortable cloth that was put on as a sign of grief or mourning (cp. Ezek. 7:18, which also mentions shaving the head).

Commentary for: Jeremiah 48:37