Yahweh has sent to you all his servants the prophets, rising up early and sending them again and again (but you have not listened, nor inclined your ear to hear) Bible other translations

“rising up early and sending them.” This is an idiom meaning to send again and again. The idea is that God rose up early and sent His prophets, and sent them over and over as the day progressed. The REV has kept the idiom but inserted the meaning of the idiom by adding “again and again” in italics. [For more on this idiom and where it occurs, see commentary on Jeremiah 26:5].

“inclined your ear to hear.” This is literal. When someone is speaking and we want to hear, we often turn our heads so we can hear better. God is reproving the Judeans because when His prophets spoke no one turned their head to hear better, instead they ignored the prophet.

Commentary for: Jeremiah 25:4