For who has stood in the council of Yahweh,
that he should see and hear his word?
Who has paid attention to his word, and heard it? Bible other translations

“for who has stood in the council of Yahweh.” This council of Yahweh is His inner divine council of spirit beings who help Him administer His creation. The word “council” is translated from the Hebrew word sōd (#05475 סוֹד), and it refers to a “council, secret council, intimate council, circle of familiar friends, assembly.” In this context it refers to God’s intimate inner divine council in contrast to large general assemblies of spirit beings such as we see in Job 1:6 and 1 Kings 22:19.

In Jeremiah 23:16-22, the false prophets spoke from their own minds and had not “stood in the council [sōd] of Yahweh” (Jer. 23:18). If they had stood in the divine council of Yahweh, Jer. 23:22 says that they would have heard the truth and been able to tell it to the people of Israel. These verses show that Yahweh has a divine council with whom He confers, and those who stand in that council hear the truth. God’s prophets sometimes are given access to the information in those council meetings, which is why they can speak the truth. In Job 15:8, Eliphaz, who thought Job was hiding some secret sin and whose wisdom was false, asked Job if he had gotten to sit in on the divine council [sōd] of the Lord. [For more on God’s divine council, see commentary on Genesis 1:26. For more on God’s holding general assemblies for all His spirit beings, see commentary on Job 1:6].

Commentary for: Jeremiah 23:18