I will prepare destroyers against you,
each with his weapons,
and they will cut down your choice cedars
and cast them into the fire. Bible see other translations

“they will cut down your choice cedars.” Judah did not have “choice cedars,” so since the context of Jeremiah 22:7 is the “house” (or “palace”) of the king of Judah, it is quite likely that the choice cedars that will be cut down are the cedar pillars in the House of the Forest of Lebanon that Solomon built as a wing of his palace (1 Kings 7:2).

“against you.” Against the king’s palace. God started speaking about the palace in Jeremiah 22:6, and continues here in Jeremiah 22:7. The “choice cedars” are the choice cedar panels and boards of which the palace was constructed; Judah did not have cedar trees. The kings palace ended up being burned down, even as Jeremiah had foretold (2 Kings 25:9).

Commentary for: Jeremiah 22:7