Both great and small will die in this land, They will not be buried, nor will people lament for them, nor cut themselves, nor shave their heads for them; Bible see other translations

“They will not be buried.” During the lifetime of Jeremiah, so many people were killed or carried away from Judah by the Babylonians that there were not enough family left to bury the dead. It was a terrible curse to not be buried (see commentary on Jer. 14:16).

“nor cut themselves.” It was a pagan custom practiced by some people to cut yourself when you were in mourning for the dead. This is mentioned in a number of verses (see commentaries on Jer. 41:5 and 1 Kings 18:28).

“shave their heads.” Some people shaved their heads as a sign of mourning (see commentary on Jer. 47:5, “baldness”).

Commentary for: Jeremiah 16:6