Yahweh, you know;
remember me, and visit me,
and avenge me of my persecutors.
Do not take me away from life because of your longsuffering;
know that for your sake I have suffered reproach. Bible see other translations

“Yahweh, you know.” The brevity of this statement combined with the context gives us its meaning. Jeremiah was saying, “Yahweh, you know my situation.” Yahweh knew Jeremiah’s situation, his needs, and his enemies.

“Do not take me away from life because of your longsuffering.” This phrase in Jeremiah 15:15 is hard to understand without a scope of what Jeremiah knew about God. He knew God was longsuffering and slow—sometimes very slow—to punish evil (cp. Exod. 36:6; Ps. 86:15). But Jeremiah felt that if God did not move quickly in avenging him from persecutors, they would kill him and thus take him from life. The NET Bible more freely translates Jeremiah’s request so it is easier to understand: “[God], do not be so patient with them [the persecutors] that you allow them to kill me.”

One lesson we can learn from Jeremiah is the love of life. To say that Jeremiah’s life was difficult is to understate the fact. Jeremiah’s life was so difficult, and things were going so badly for the country of Judah, that God told him not to marry and have children (Jer. 16:2). In that context, we might think that Jeremiah would have been happy to have his life end because not only was his life very difficult, he had confidence that he would be resurrected to a wonderful life in Paradise. In fact, it looked at one point he would be executed because of the prophecies he was giving (Jer. 26:14-15). But here we see the great love of life that Jeremiah had, and as tough as his life was, he prayed to God not to let people take his life from him.

Life can be difficult, but if we focus on God and His love for us, and focus on others and what we can do for them even if our own life is painful, we can love our life and the opportunities that we have each day.

Commentary for: Jeremiah 15:15