Therefore I will also pull up your skirts over your face
and your shame will be seen. Bible other translations

“your shame will be seen.” The word “shame” is used idiomatically for the genital area when it had been exposed in shameful situations. A lot of pagan worship involved il­licit sex, and the people of Judah had become caught up in it. Therefore, Jeremiah prophesied of the time when the Babylonians would conquer Judah because they had forgotten God and trusted in false gods, and so God said, “Therefore I will also pull up your skirts over your face[hp]and your shame will be seen.” (Jer. 13:26). Nahum 3:5 has a similar use. A New Testament reference is Revelation 16:15. “Shame” is used for the genital area; for other sexual idioms see commentary on Leviticus 18:6.

Also, “shame will be seen” means more than just “seen.” While it is true that what will happen to Judah will reveal the shame of her practices in defying God and worshiping other gods and oppressing the people, the phrase “will be seen” idiomatically can refer to the woman having sexual intercourse, in this context, being raped (cp. Lev. 20:17; Ezek. 16:37), and the Babylonian army would rape the land and also, literally, many of the women.

Commentary for: Jeremiah 13:26