The wolf and the lamb will feed together,
and the lion will eat straw like the ox;
and dust will be the serpent’s food.
They will not hurt nor destroy
in all my holy mountain,”
says Yahweh. Bible see other translations

“The wolf and the lamb will feed together.” Isaiah 65:25 is a shortened summary of what Isaiah had already said in Isaiah 11:6-9. The Hebrew word “together” is 'echad (#0259 אֶחָד), “one,” and it paints a beautiful picture of the harmony that will exist between the animals when Christ conquers the earth and sets up his kingdom on earth, and rules from Jerusalem. In Christ’s kingdom the animals will eat together as “one” (Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible says “in unity”), and they will all be eating plants, just as Isaiah 65:25 says. The Millennial Kingdom will be a reestablishment of Eden, and in Eden all the animals ate plants, not each other (cp. Gen. 1:30).

[For more on the Millennial Kingdom, see Appendix 3, “Christ’s Future Kingdom on Earth.” For more on the Millennial Kingdom being like the Garden of Eden, also called “Paradise,” see commentary on Luke 23:43].

Commentary for: Isaiah 65:25