Then you will call, and Yahweh will answer;
you will cry out, and he will say, ‘Here I am.’
If you will remove the yoke from among you,
the finger-pointing and speaking wickedly, Bible see other translations

“Then you will call and Yahweh will answer.” If a person is evil or unrepentant, God will not hear his prayers (cp. Job 35:12-13; Prov. 15:29; Isa. 1:15; 59:1-2; Ezek. 8:17-18; Mic. 3:4; Zech. 7:12-13; James 4:3). But the prayer of a righteous person accomplishes much (James 5:16). Isaiah 58:1-8 is a powerful section of Scripture on the value of being humble and obeying God.

“finger-pointing.” There is nothing new under the sun. This is not a biblical custom, because finger-pointing and blaming have always been a part of human culture.

Commentary for: Isaiah 58:9