All you animals of the field,
come to devour,
all you animals in the forest. Bible see other translations

“All you animals of the field, come to devour.” The subject abruptly shifts in Isaiah 56:9 from the blessings that the righteous people will receive, which is being a part of Christ's wonderful kingdom on earth, to the curse that the unrighteous will receive, which for some of them will be being killed and having their bodies eaten by wild animals (Rev. 19:17-18, 21). This kind of quick shift occurs often in prophecy. The righteous are blessed and the wicked are cursed. God would not have to go into the specifics of the Battle of Armageddon and its aftermath at this point in Isaiah because it was well known that God said that people who disobeyed God would be cursed and part of that curse was that their dead bodies would be eaten by animals (Deut. 28:26).

Commentary for: Isaiah 56:9