I have sworn by myself,
the word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness
and will not return,
that to me every knee will bow,
every tongue will swear. Bible

“every tongue will swear.” The meaning of “swear” must be understood from the scope of the whole Word of God. It is well represented in Philippians 2:11 when it is alluded to and stated as “every tongue will confess.” In the context of Isaiah, and in the context of Romans 14:11, where Isaiah 45:23 is quoted, the meaning is not “swear allegiance,” as some English translation have, but “swear” to the authority of God as Creator and Lord, and in the NT swear to the authority of Jesus Christ as the one who has been invested with all authority by God (cp. Matt. 28:18).

Commentary for: Isaiah 45:23