The mind of the rash will understand knowledge,
and the tongue of the stammerers will hasten to speak clearly. Bible see other translations

“mind.” The Hebrew word is lebab (#03824 לֵבָב), which is often translated “heart,” but which also refers to the mind, will, understanding, thoughts, reflections, attitudes, emotions, and other attributes of the mind. This is one of the places where the translation “heart” would cause confusion. In modern English, the word “heart” usually refers to emotion or passion, but that is not its meaning here. The function of the brain was unknown in biblical times, so functions that we generally assign to the brain, like thinking, attitudes, understanding, and good sense, were assigned to the heart. This verse is a promise of healing in the future Kingdom of Christ on earth, the Millennial Kingdom. At the Rapture and in the resurrections, everyone will be healed, not only of physical disease, but of mental disease as well.

[For more on the Hebrew word “heart,” see commentary on Prov. 15:21, “sense.” For more on the meaning of “soul,” see Appendix 7, “Usages of ‘Soul.’” For more on the Millennial Kingdom, see Appendix 3, “Christ’s Future Kingdom on Earth.”]

Commentary for: Isaiah 32:4