On this mountain He will swallow up
the burial shroud; the one that covers all people,
the veil that is spread over all nations. Bible other translations

“swallow up.” God will swallow up the burial shroud that covers all people. This is a graphic and idiomatic image for putting an end to death, and the use of the Hebrew word bala (#01104 בּלע), “swallow up,” in this context is very purposeful and catches our imagination. The redeemed can have a feast and “swallow up” the good food that God has provided (Isa. 25:6) because God has “swallowed up” death. The redeemed will come up out of the graves and live forever once the earth gives birth to her dead (Isa. 26:19). The word bala occurs again in Isa. 25:8.

“the burial shroud.” The Hebrew text is idiomatic and literally reads, “the face of the burial shroud.” When bodies were buried it was customary to wrap them up, similar to what happened when Jesus was buried (Matt. 27:59). ​

Commentary for: Isaiah 25:7