Therefore they will be like the morning mist,
and like the dew that passes away early,
like the chaff that is driven by the storm-wind from the threshing floor
and like the smoke that goes out of the window. Bible other translations

“they will be like the morning mist.” These four metaphors all make the same point, and reinforce each other: idolators will have a short existence. The metaphors are all more weighty than they might at first appear, however. Many idolators live long lives and are powerful people with accumulated wealth, but they will all be gone one day, with no trace of them left. The morning mist and dew are heavy enough to water and refresh the land, but soon they are gone. Similarly, the chaff on the threshing floor can pile up and be substantial, but when the storms come it blows away and is gone. Smoke from a cooking-fire in the house may be thick and problematic, but eventually it goes out the window.

Commentary for: Hosea 13:3