She conceived again, and bore a daughter. Then he said to him,
“Call her name Lo-ruhamah;
for I will no longer have compassion
on the house of Israel
that I should at all forgive them. Bible see other translations

“Lo-ruhamah.” The Hebrew word Ruhamah means “compassion, pity, mercy, love.” The Hebrew word “lo” means “no,” and thus “Lo-ruhamah” was a name that meant “No compassion” or “No mercy” or No love” (the English versions differ in their translation depending on what the translator felt was being emphasized in the context). Probably “mercy,” with its technical sense of withholding merited judgment” is not the best, while “no love” may be too broad. It seems “No compassion” or “No pity” is most fitting in the context. However, in Hosea 9:15 God says that He no longer loves Israel,

Commentary for: Hosea 1:6