Yahweh, I have heard the report about you.
I fear, O Yahweh.
Revive your work in the midst of these years.
In the midst of these years make it known.
In wrath, remember to show mercy. Bible

“Yahweh, I have heard the report about you.” Habakkuk has heard what Yahweh is about to do to Judah through the Babylonians, but he also realizes that God will judge the Babylonians. Habakkuk fears God, and is also afraid of what will happen to Judah (the Hebrew phrase is just, “I fear, O Yahweh.” What Habakkuk fears is not specifically stated). Therefore, he asks God to revive His works to deliver his people, which would mean destroying the Babylonian enemy, a theme that is much clearer in the next verse, Habakkuk 3:3. Because of all that will happen to his people, Habakkuk asks God that in His wrath to also show mercy.

Commentary for: Habakkuk 3:2