Indeed, furthermore, wine betrays
an arrogant man so that he does not stay at home.
He enlarges his appetite like Sheol,
and like death, he cannot be satisfied,
but gathers all nations to himself,
and collects to himself all peoples.” Bible see other translations

“wine.” This verse is very difficult in Hebrew, as the many different translations in the different English versions attest. The mention of wine in this verse seems sudden and to some commentators out of context. But history, and even the Bible (Dan. 5:1-2) testify that the Babylonians loved wine, and in their inebriated state they made many ungodly decisions, no doubt in many cases decisions that were influenced by demons. Rulers and leaders need to be especially aware of the problems that can be caused by alcohol (and drugs). Scripture says, “It is not for kings, O Lemuel, not for kings to drink wine, nor for those who rule to drink beer. Lest they drink and forget that which has been decreed, and alter the legal claim of all the afflicted people.” (Prov. 31:4-5. Cp. 1 Tim. 3:3; Titus 1:7). The Persian king Ahasuerus made a rash and unwise decision when he was drunk (Esther 1:10-11). Eventually the sin of the Babylonians for their ruthless and ungodly ways caught up with them and they suffered the consequences and were conquered by the Persians.

Commentary for: Habakkuk 2:5