Why have you made humankind
like the fish of the sea,
like the creeping things that have no ruler over them? Bible see other translations

“Why.” The “why” comes from the previous verse, Habakkuk 1:13, which did not have to end but could continue on with this verse. A number of versions do that (cp. ASV; ERV; JPS; YLT). The NASB adds the “why,” as the REV does, and has, “Why have You made men like the fish of the sea, Like creeping things without a ruler over them?” Some other versions add “why” as well (cp. NJB). Nevertheless, many versions do not see the need for the “why” and simply say “You make mankind like the fish of the sea” (ESV), but to us it seems more that Habakkuk is asking why God has created people the way He did rather than making a statement to God about the nature of mankind as a whole.

Commentary for: Habakkuk 1:14