Abraham rose up and bowed himself low to the people of the land, even to the sons of Heth. Bible

“Abraham rose up.” It seems to be the custom that negotiations were normally carried out while sitting down, perhaps because they normally took so long (Gen. 23:10; Ruth 4:1-2). The fact that Abraham “rose up” before he started to speak likely signifies the fact that he thought of this negotiation of particular importance. He was asking for a permanent possession of land in the Promised Land. He would have sat back down again after making the request.

“bowed himself low.” This was a cultural action and custom that indicated respect or reverence. When done before God it was an act of worship.

“sons of Heth.” Genesis 10:15 tells us that Heth was a son of Canaan, so it makes sense that he and his descendants would settle in the land of Canaan. It is possible that these Hittites are related to the Hittites of Asia Minor that we today know as Turkey, but it is also possible that the name is the same but the people are not related.

Commentary for: Genesis 23:7