And Abraham rose up from before his dead wife and spoke to the sons of Heth, saying, Bible see other translations

“rose up from before his dead wife.” The Bible does not give the details of Sarah’s death, but both Abraham and the Hittites would have been close by, because the custom was to bury a person the same day that they died. Abraham, who had been mourning beside his wife of what was almost certainly over 100 years, stood up and spoke to the Hittites, who had likely come to pay their respects to Abraham when they heard that Sarah had died. Abraham was a good and godly man, and there is no indication in the text that Sarah’s death was a surprise, so no doubt Abraham’s request for the cave of Machpelah was well thought out.

“sons.” The Hebrew word is “sons,” but often it is translated “children.” In this case, it means descendants, but the ones Abraham would have negotiated with would have been the men of the tribe.

Commentary for: Genesis 23:3