She called the name of Yahweh who spoke to her, “You are a God who sees me.” For she said, “Here I have seen the one who sees me!” Bible see other translations

“You are a God who sees me,” This translation seems to be the meaning of the text, and other versions agree (e.g., Douay, Geneva, KJV; NAB; NASB2020; NET; NIV; NLT; YLT).

“Here I have seen the one who sees me!” The Hebrew text is admittedly obscure, and there are several translations that have been suggested by scholars. The REV translation works, (cp. NET), and seems to fit with the way Hagar would be feeling. After having been belittled and harshly treated by Sarai even though she was the mother of Abraham’s child, here at last is God who sees her as she is and supports her and sees value in her. Another translation suggested by scholars is basically, “Am I still alive after seeing him,” and while that could be a legitimate understanding of the Hebrew text, it does not seem to fit the situation and context as well as what is in the REV.

Commentary for: Genesis 16:13