And God said, “Let the earth bring forth every kind of living soul—every kind of livestock and creeping thing and wild animal of the earth.” And it was so. Bible see other translations

“Let the earth bring forth every kind of living soul.” The process by which this happened is not described. It was likely how it happened with Adam when God pulled dirt from the earth together and then gave it life. Genesis 1:25 says God created the animals.

“living soul.” The Hebrew word “soul” is nephesh (#05315 נֶפֶשׁ), and nephesh is the life force that animates humans and animals, and it is also used of “individuals.” See commentary on Genesis 1:20.

[For more information, see Appendix 7: Usages of “Soul.”]

“livestock.” In this context, this refers to domesticated animals. When God created the earth and humankind, and created the animals and birds to support, sustain, and beautify the earth, He made a distinction between the domesticated animals that would serve humans in various ways and the wild animals that generally cannot be domesticated, and today, thousands of years later, that distinction still holds true.

“creeping thing.” Or perhaps, “crawling thing.” This is very general and generally refers to small animals and reptiles. Apparently, it can also refer to insects, worms, etc., but that may not be its meaning here.

Commentary for: Genesis 1:24