Then the servant took ten camels of his lord’s camels and departed, having all kinds of good things of his lord’s with him. He arose and went to Mesopotamia to the city of Nahor. Bible

“ten camels.” This is one of the records where a lot of the details are left unsaid so that the central point of the record gets the attention. It would be unheard of for Abraham to send off his servant with so much wealth in livestock and material goods without an escort or armed men, and the Bible tells us that the servant had some of Abraham’s men with him in Genesis 24:59. Besides, if the journey was a success, Abraham would have wanted to ensure that the bride-to-be for Isaac would get back from the long journey safely. So we know that the servant had Abraham’s men with him, but just how many is not stated. We can well assume more than just a few. The camels, now empty of their load, became the transportation for Rebekah and her ladies (Gen. 24:61).

Commentary for: Genesis 24:10