Then he said to me, “Son of man, lift up your eyes now in the direction of the north.” So I lifted up my eyes in the direction of the north, and behold, northward of the Altar Gate, in the entrance, was this image that aroused God’s jealousy. Bible see other translations

“in the direction of the north.” In the vision, Ezekiel was placed at the entrance to the gate from the inner court of the Temple that looks north, i.e., the north gate of the inner court (Ezek. 8:3). He was told to look north, and when he did he saw the image of jealousy in the entrance to the gate. So we know from this information that in the vision Ezekiel was set down inside the inner court, not outside it. If Ezekiel was outside the gate he would have had to have looked southward to see an idol in the north gate.

“the Altar Gate.” The Hebrew is “the gate of the altar,” but that is unclear in English because the altar did not have a gate, the gate was roughly adjacent to the altar in the inner courtyard, so it was called “the Altar Gate.”

“image that aroused God’s jealousy.” The literal Hebrew is “this image of jealousy,” and the genitive is a genitive of production, so it means an image (an idol) that arouses God’s jealousy or produces jealousy, that is, the idol made God jealous. Translating the Hebrew text literally and saying “an image of jealously” would be unclear, for one thing, you can’t make an image of jealousy because jealousy is an emotion.

Commentary for: Ezekiel 8:5