The offering that you are to offer to Yahweh will be 25,000 cubits in length,a and 10,000 in width.b Bible see other translations
“length” is east to west; roughly 8.12 miles (13.06 km)
Roughly 3.25 miles, 5.23 km, north to south

“The offering.” See commentary on Ezekiel 48:8.

“25,000 cubits…10,000 cubits.” 25,000 royal cubits is just over 8 miles (8.12 miles; 13.06 km), while 10,000 royal cubits is roughly 3.25 miles (5.23 km). For the measurement of the royal cubit, see commentary on Ezekiel 48:8.

“in length.” “Length” is the east-west measurement. Since the biblical worldview was oriented to the east, “length” was usually an east-west measurement.

“in width.” In this context, “width” is the north-south measurement.

Commentary for: Ezekiel 48:9