It will be an offering to them from the offering of the land, a most holy place next to the territory of the Levites. Bible see other translations

“a most holy place.” The priest’s section, which was 25,000 cubits from east to west and 10,000 cubits from north to south, and contained the Temple, was the holiest part of the 25,000-cubit square offering area, and was “a most holy place.” Of the whole 25,000-cubit square land area for the city of Jerusalem, the priests, and the Levites, the 25,000-cubit by 10,000-cubit section for the priests is the only section of the three sections that is referred to as a “most holy place.” That makes perfect sense considering that the priests were the most holy of the people and because the Temple was located in the priest’s section of land. For more on the measurements, see commentary on Ezekiel 48:8.

Commentary for: Ezekiel 48:12