Fishermen will stand by it. From En-gedi even to En-eglaim will be a place for the spreading of nets. It will come to pass that their fish will be of many different kinds, like the fish of the Great Sea, a great variety. Bible see other translations

“En-gedi.” “En-gedi” means “spring of the wild goat” and it is not quite halfway down the west side of the Dead Sea.

“En-eglaim.” “En-eglaim” means “spring of the calf (or heifer)” and its location is not known. There is a site several miles south of Qumran that might be the location.

“fish will be of many different kinds.” There will be a great variety of fish. Here in Ezekiel, “many different kinds” seems to be a better translation than “every kind” (see commentary on Gen. 1:11).

“Great Sea.” The common Old Testament name for the Mediterranean Sea. Although this river is flowing from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, it will have many varieties of fish like the Mediterranean Sea does. To the Israelites, the Great Sea was the Mediterranean Sea, which was the western border of Israel.

Commentary for: Ezekiel 47:10