The prince is to enter by the way of the vestibule of the gate outside, and is to stand by the jamb of the gate; and the priests will prepare his burnt offering and his peace offerings, and he will worship at the threshold of the gate. Then he will go out, but the gate must not be shut until the evening. Bible other translations

“prince.” The Messiah, Jesus Christ, is the prince, the Son of God the king (see commentary on Ezek. 44:3).

“his burnt offering and his peace offerings.” The sacrifices and offerings will be restored in the Millennial Temple, but the Bible never explains why (see commentary on Ezek. 42:13).

“worship.” Or, “bow down.” The same Hebrew verb, shachah (#07812 שָׁחָה), is translated as both “bow down” and “worship;” traditionally “worship” if God is involved and “bow down” if people are involved, but the verb and action are the same, the act of bowing down is the worship. The common biblical way of bowing down before people or God was to fall to one’s knees and bow the upper body to the earth. [For more on bowing down, see commentary on 1 Chron. 29:20].

Commentary for: Ezekiel 46:2