“Son of man, wail for the multitude of Egypt and send them down, even her and the daughters of the majestic nations, to the underworld, to those who have gone down to the pit: Bible see other translations

“send them down.” This statement reveals the power and necessity of prophets speaking the revelation they received from God. When a prophet receives a revelation and speaks it boldly and with confidence, it has great power to effect the spiritual and physical world (cp. Hos. 6:5).

“even her and the daughters of the majestic nations.” The Hebrew text is very confusing, hence the great number of different translations. It has also been suggested by some scholars that this phrase could go with the opening words, such that the verse would read, “Son of man, wail—you and the women of the majestic nations—over the pomp of Egypt” (D. Block, The New International Commentary on the Old Testament: Ezekiel). In that case, the women would not be part of those consigned to the underworld, but rather would join Ezekiel in wailing. However, most scholars reject that as the original meaning.

Commentary for: Ezekiel 32:18