so that the kingdom would be brought low so that it could not lift itself up, but that only by keeping its covenant it might stand. Bible other translations

“brought low so that it could not lift itself up.” This verse shows us the value of leaders. Not everyone is a leader. The Bible makes it clear that God gives different people different “ministries,” or “ways of serving,” and one of those ways of serving is leadership (Rom. 12:8). A wise ruler knows that some people are leaders and some people are not. If you want something organized and run correctly, choose a leader to do it; if you want to bring an organization or country down, remove its leaders. Nebuchadnezzar was a smart man, and knew if he removed the leaders from Judah, the country would never successfully organize and rebel, and they never did. It was God’s power that finally brought Judah back from the Babylonian captivity after the Persians had conquered Babylon.

Commentary for: Ezekiel 17:14