Now when I passed by you and looked at you, behold, your time was the time for love; and I spread the corner of my garment over you, and covered your nakedness. And I swore to you, and entered into a covenant with you, says the Lord Yahweh, and you became mine. Bible see other translations

“your time was the time for love.” Israel had matured to the point she could marry and have sexual relations.

“I spread the corner.” More literally, “I spread my corner” (or my “wing;” the corner, or border, of the garment was called the “wing” of the garment, cp. Malachi 4:2, where the Messiah, the “sun of righteousness” has healing in his “wings,” i.e., the corners of his garment.” “Spread the corner of my garment over you” is not quite literal since the “corner” or “border” of the garment would not cover the couple; the phrase was an idiom for taking a woman under one’s protection and care, and also implied the sexual relations that went with that.

Commentary for: Ezekiel 16:8