And he spoke to the man clothed in linen and said, “Go in between the whirling wheels, even under the cherubim, and fill both your hands with burning coals from between the cherubim and scatter them over the city.” And he went in as I watched. Bible see other translations

“And he spoke.” This is Yahweh, who is commanding His angels and cherubim.

“whirling wheels.” Here in Ezekiel 10:2, 6, and 10:13, the Bible uses a different word for “wheels” than it had used earlier in Ezekiel. Ezekiel now uses galgal (#01534 גַּלְגַּל), which can mean a wheel, whirlwind, or even whirl. Some English versions translate it as “whirling wheels,” while others translate it as “wheelworks.” The Word Biblical Commentary has “rotary system,” while the New International Commentary on the Old Testament: Ezekiel, has “castors.” The word focuses on the whirling motion of the wheels.

“even under the cherubim.” The cherubim were no doubt quite large, and had one set of wings stretched up and out, so the angel would have to go “under” the cherubim to get to the fire between them. Some scholars have understood this to mean that the cherubim were suspended below the platform and above the wheels, but the Bible describes the wheels as beside the cherubim. When the wheels were on the ground, so were the feet of the cherubim.

“from between the cherubim.” The four cherubim formed a hollow square, with the fire between them, and the wheels are on the outside of the cherubim.

Commentary for: Ezekiel 10:2