Such were their faces. Their wings were spread out upward. Each creature had two wings that touched the wing of another, and two wings covering its body. Bible see other translations

two wings that touched the wing of another.” It does not seem that the wings of the cherubim were in constant contact, but rather they were large enough that the wing of one cherub could reach and touch the wing of another. This indicates that the cherubim did not have a huge distance between them.

“and two wings covering its body.” Each cherub had four wings (Ezek. 1:6). The NLT is a paraphrased translation, but it gives the picture very clearly: “Each [cherub] had two pairs of outstretched wings—one pair stretched out to touch the wings of the living beings on either side of it, and the other pair covered its body.” This was while the chariot-throne was at rest. It seems clear that each cherub used all four wings when in flight, and let their body wings down when stopped (Ezek. 1:24).

Commentary for: Ezekiel 1:11