And alongside the territory for the priests, the Levites will have 25,000 in length, and 10,000 in breadth; all the length will be 25,000, and the breadth 10,000. Bible other translations

“And alongside the territory for the priests.” When we put the 3 sections of the holy offering area together, we can see that the priests have the central section that contains the temple, and the section with the city of Jerusalem is the south section, so the section for the Levites is next to the section of the priests and on the north side of it (see commentary on Ezekiel 48:8).

“25,000 cubits…10,000 cubits.” 25,000 royal cubits is just over 8 miles (8.12 miles; 13.06 km), while 10,000 royal cubits is roughly 3.25 miles (5.23 km). For the measurement of the royal cubit, see commentary on Ezekiel 48:8.

Commentary for: Ezekiel 48:13