Moses took the blood and sprinkled it on the people and said, “Look! This is the blood of the covenant that Yahweh has made with you concerning all these words.” Bible see other translations

sprinkled it on the people.” “The people” here refers to the representatives of the people, not all the millions of Israelites, but nevertheless there would have been lots of people involved. This was the blood part of the blood covenant that we know as the “Old Covenant,” usually, but less accurately, known as the “Old Testament.” God expected the people to know and follow the covenant that they had agreed to, and here we can see one reason why. When the people agreed to obey God, and entered into a covenant with Him, animals were killed, and their blood was sprinkled on both God and the people (Exod. 24:6, 8). This would have been a very memorable event, and it is likely that the bloodstains of that covenant were on the clothes of many people for a long time. Furthermore, this event was then to be spoken of from generation to generation, which is why, many hundreds of years later, the prophets were still reminding the Israelites about the covenant (cp. Isa. 24:5; Jer. 11:10; Ezek. 44:7; Hos. 8:1).

Commentary for: Exodus 24:8